About California Nature Photos

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you explore the incredibly diverse natural world around us. We want to share our passion for wildlife and nature so you can find inspiration too. Come in and forget your troubles for a while. Relax and enjoy our amazing images. Find inner peace and healing by experiencing the power of Nature!

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide education and help you connect with Nature. We want to protect wildlife and preserve natural beauty so future generations can experience it too.

Our Products

All photographs are mounted on acid free archival foam board. We produce real photographs (no ink jet prints). Our standard size is 12" x 18", but other sizes are available on request. Wide angle prints will come in 18" lengths (standard size), but won't be as tall as our regular prints due to their wide angle format.

All orders will be processed quickly through our secure website. Your personal information is always kept safe. We use state of the art encryption! Thank you for your business!

Our Photographer

These original images were captured by Randy Davis, who lives in Northern California. Mr. Davis graduated from UCLA and Diablo Valley College in Northern California. Randy is a published writer and loves the outdoors. He rides his bike loaded with camera gear to beautiful - remote destinations with his faithful sidekick Lucky (the dog) so he can capture images and video of amazing things. Our goal is to share all his hard work with you. We hope you enjoy Randy's adventures!

Original Images Copyright ©2013-2020 Randy Davis Created by the Web Gurus at The Computer Ward